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Dawg Fu

I know Dawg Fu. Show me!

Whimsical memory card game where you battle with various dog breed attacks to steal food from other players' bowls.

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Los Muertos

A day of the dead themed deck building/worker placement game. Living family members aid you with their prayers at ofrendas, so you can build a bridge to pass beyond.

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Like Landlords, but your real estate is over whole planets. Mine asteroids for needed resources to terraform your planets, using simulteous worker placement mechanics that incorporate tic tac toe tactics.

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Casino of the Damned

You are all trapped in a cursed casino built upon a mouth of hell, but only one will survive. The one that gains the most favor with the demon Jack Daggs. This is a meta-game based on Royal Rummy, simulating your gambling actity in the cursed casino.

This is a steampunk fantasy war game, where you battle as either dragon riders or steampunk helicopter flyers. It's similar in concept to Risk, but with a major twist: instead of dice rolls, battles are decided in the way of trick taking.

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Thus spake the former gods of Deprecca:

Blacken the skies with death,
Scourge the earth sour,
Turn our backs on the mortals,
Bleed their ears, break their knees.
Worse of all, shatter the crystal.

We're not the ones who've abandoned,
Rather, these warmongers brought on their own...


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Magic Rainbow World

Semi-coop dungeon crawl with unique yahzee style mechanics. You are demon hunters, eradicating an abandoned amusement park.

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