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Jackbox Party Packs: A Must Have in Party Gaming
posted on June 26, 2017

From the makers of the old classic, "You Don't Know Jack", comes three different party packs available on steam, now on sale by the way. Each pack has a variety of party games that you load on a main screen, then each person plays it through use of their personal phone or tablet (or whatever else has a modern browser), by going to jackbox.tv and punching in a name and the code shown on the main screen. With these games, hilarity absolutely ensues.

Some games are more trivia-esk with bluffing and that, others are more down the Apples to Apples line, and others involve drawing. One notable example is the game Earwax that comes in Party Pack 2, where there's a prompt like Apples to Apples. Each person has a list of silly sounds on their personal device to choose 2 from. Then like Apples to Apples one person is the judge.

It should be noted that the content of the games can be off color, but there's a family friendly setting that can be turned on if this is unwanted.

I now want to shift gears. These Jackbox party games serves as another example of the sort of thing I've mentioned in my As I Imagined blog post. I had an idea similar to this I wanted to implement, but they beat me to it.

However, they only scratched the surface of the possibilities with a system like this. Imagine a Werewolf game with no moderator (the system takes care of it and is less error prone), no need of eye closing rituals (private screens replace the need for that), experience enhancing sounds and animations, and features like private messaging among the werewolves. Other possibilities that could be interesting are Telestrations, Dixit with full on video clips, Sentinals of the Multiverse, or Resistance.

Now is where I get all cliche and say, "the skies the limit"!

The Jackbox party packs can be found here: http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/1792/The_Jackbox_Party_Trilogy/

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