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Keep the FantasyCon Magic Alive!
posted on February 23, 2016

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Link below for the cause.

Back in 2014, I felt the magic when I first walked in between two commanding statues, standing as sentinals, and with dramatic, epic music setting the tone. They wanted to set this con apart from others through providing this sense of transport. It was just as large of a production as Salt Lake Comic Con and Salt Lake FanX, but a bit more magical.

They had a giant, animating dragon that blew steam from the nostrils, an animating rock giant, among other such creations made just for the con. There was just as much enthusiasm from fans with cosplay as with SLCC and FanX. They had a free archery range, a stage in the vendor area putting on various shows like magic shows, puppet shows, fire dancing, musical performances, etc.

They managed to bring to stage the biggest cast of Lord of the Ring and Hobbit guests to ever come to a stage, including John Rhys-Davies (Gimli), Sean Astin (Samwise), Billy Boyd (Pippin), Sylvester McCoy (Radagast the Brown, also a doctor in Doctor Who, by the way!), several of the dwarves from The Hobbit, and various others like Tolkein scholars and that.Chills went across the audience as Billy Boyd sang his iconic song from the Return of the King movie, voice sounding just as amazing.

Another great moment, in their opening dance party, the DJ was no other than Elijah Wood. He really put on show!

Not only did they put on an amazingly epic Con with FantasyCon, but the other reason they deserve the funding to continue is their spirit of philanthropy. They are big into doing events that not only entertain and inspire, but to raise money for charity as well. Listen to this beautiful spirit in the founder's own words:<\p>

For us, FantasyCon's Night of Dreams with the thousands of special needs guests and terminally ill children was the greatest part of the adventure.

I was teary-eyed (which you can ask my Sweetheart, never happens) as I watched countless children and families have experiences and adventures together that they would normally never be able to afford in this life. For some, this was the greatest and only adventure they were able to experience before passing on. I'm forever blessed and thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the many miracles that took place that night. It has changed me forever and is one of the main reasons I WILL NOT sell out to capitalists that only are in it for the money and not the people.

Isn't he a remarkable individual? Find out more about how to help here:


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