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Update on WereDragon: Both the Game and the Novel
posted on January 11, 2016

[Update] It's now more likely that I will seek a publisher instead of launching on kickstarter for the game.

First, the board game. Before that, I should call your attention to the right side of screen where one can sign up to be notified of the kickstarter, when things finally get to that point.

Now, about the game. I recently started using a new trial version of Adobe Illustrator and have been creating new graphics. Things are looking so much better than they have before. But of course you don't have to take my word for it, since you see all the images right in front of you:

Box coverGame Box Cover

Score cardScore Card

Stat cardsStat Cards

Nothing's changed with the six wedges making up the game board itself. Again, feel free to sign up on upper right side of screen.

Now regarding the novel. It is fully finished and I'm pleased how it turned out. For the past several weeks, I've been querying agents. This is definitely a process, but I recognize the key of never giving up is especially pertinent when it comes to this. Authors wear all their rejections as a badge of honor following the one acceptance that launches their career. I'm making a spreadsheet, I'm checking it twice, A. Steve Grim is coming to town!

Here's the pitch I'm using for the query letter: Stag is unaware that he's a weredragon, let alone the prophecied Peacebringer meant to put an end to the war between the nation Aresia and the weredragons, but with the help of the fiery redhead, Sharon, he starts a journey, tapping into greater potential than he could imagine. After all, heroes appear in the most unlikely places, so you never know if you might be one.

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